This is not a Website. It's a placeholder which contains some useful information!


This is not a Website. It's a placeholder which contains some useful information!

Some of my projects, check it out!


A nice TYPO3 Website developed together with Loctimize GmbH, integrated Dated News Extensionand substantial content

Dead SImple Flex Grid

A simple grid framework for flex and non flex browsers interesting for Frontend Developer. Made by others forked by me to get it working with flex browsers.

Dated News

A great TYPO3 Extension which integrates the widely configurable fullcalendar.js.

DSG Sitepackage TYPO3

TYPO3 sitepackage extension with integrated Dead Simple Flex Grid, basic TYPO3 Configurations, Example Content Elements and example grid elements 

Theresa Schubert

Nothing is perfect, but sometimes it's still beautyful. A TYPO3 Website I realized for a Berlin-based artist and good friend..

Berlin City Tour

Not everything is beautyful. But often more perfect as we know. A TYPO3 Website I developed with and for The Brettinghams.


Perfect & beautiful. In technique and webdesign! A TYPO3 Website I realized with and for The Brettinghams.

Marco Justus Schöler

Awesome photos in awesome Presentation.


Here I'm writing on a more or less regulary basis which jobs and problems are actually imspiring me or driving me crazy.

Dated News

Always something to do. Also for you! Urgent tasks that currently waiting are the updating of the documentation, writing tutorials for the Website and a clever migration script for easier updating from version 4 to 5. As so often I'm interested in new features much more, which is why I'm currently pushing the fe-users integration, which is not so difficult to do, but opens up a whole lot of new possibilities. For example, every frontend user can get his own calendar or can registrate for events with just one click. However, the development takes time, because I do not get paid for it and therefore it has only second or well, almost last priority.

Data Migrations

For one of my favorite agencies in Berlin, I'm actually busy for some time with the migration of data from old to new extensions, so the websites will fit the requirements for TYPO3 8 and later also TYPO3 9. Currently these projects are built on TYPO3 6. My personally goal is to be able to call a purely on command line dependend script that perform the complete migration, for example, from tt_news to news, but also perform permission updates or even all update and migrate operations. This facilitates the complete update process when it comes down to live data. Which of course also will not happen directly in the production system, but with the latest data in the shortest time can be implemented .. should .. must .. may .....